Our views on quality

We at Gränsbo Potatis strive to maintain a uniformly high quality in our products. This goes for both cultivation and packaging. Proper fertilising in our fields leads to perfect potatoes on the plate in your home. Just as important as the quality of our products is the quality of the service we provide. You will always feel personally welcomed at Gränsbo Potatis, whether you contact us by phone or by email. Our level of service is high, as is the reliability of our deliveries. Satisfied customers – and happy employees – are our constant goal. We work as a team, and it's important for us that our staff work actively to maintain our quality and to develop our quality assurance system.

Storage advice

tips på förvaring av potatis

Let your potatoes continue to believe it’s winter

Remember that potatoes are a living product that change over time and are sensitive to how they are stored. Their quality is at its best when the they are newly purchased and after you’ve taken them home it’s your responsibility to store them so that they maintain their freshness. When we take our potatoes from our refrigerators and package them for you they need to remain at a low temperature. If you store the potatoes too warm they’ll begin to grow sprouts.

Keep your potatoes relaxed

Potatoes get stressed by light which causes the production of a green pigment called solanin which can be somewhat unhealthy. Potatoes should therefore be stored in a cool dark place. Both in the grocery store and at home care should be taken to keep potatoes in the dark.


certifiering gränsbo

Certification is a system where an independent organisation certifies that a company maintains a high standard in terms of quality, environmental care, working conditions and product safety in cultivation and packaging. We have several different types of certification.

Certifieringsgodkännande Integrerad Produktion (IP) (pdf)
Certification for Integrated Production

Certifieringsgodkännande ekologisk odling och packning (KRAV) (pdf)
Certification for organic growing and packing (KRAV)

Certifieringsgodkännande RIP (pdf)
Certification for hygiene and quality control (RIP)

Certifieringsgodkännande Arbetsvillkor (pdf)
Certification for working conditions

Certifikatgodkännande GLOBAL G.A.P (pdf)
Certification for good agricultural practices (GLOBAL G.A.P.)