Gränsbo Potatis

Gränsbo Potatis AB grows and packages potatoes at our location in Vellinge, just south of Malmö, Sweden. We are one of Sweden's largest potato packing plants and our large capacity, flexibility, and talented employees enable us to offer good service and high quality combined with a broad range of products. We supply potatoes to wholesalers, stores, and restaurants and take pride in always being able to meets our clients' needs. Reliable deliveries and uniformly high quality are our watchwords!

About us

elna och ulf gränsbo

Gränsbo Potatis is owned by Ulf and Elna Gränsbo who, together with our employees, run the farming, packaging, and vending.
Ulf has many years of experience in producing and packaging potatoes. He began working as an employee in 1986 in the company which we in 1998 had an opportunity to take over and build up. Elna studied both agronomy and economics, so together they have a deep interest in food production. Observing nature’s rhythms and following the year’s development from seed to harvest is always exciting. No year is exactly the same, which is one of the challenges of living so close to nature’s cycles.

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Work at Gränsbo Potatis

jobba på gränsbo

We are a growing company and are often looking for skilled employees. We have a frequent need of competence in farming, machinery, and technology.
Familiarity with how a packaging plant works or a license to drive a fork lift are both clear advantages if you would like to work with us. We also accept interns from agricultural schools in Sweden and other countries. You can find a listing of current job postings here, but you’re also warmly invited to contact us by sending an email to


odlingen gränsbo

Most of the potatoes that we package are grown right here on our farm, or in cooperation with the other farmers nearby. Potato farming requires precision, knowledge, and good soil, all of which we have at Gränsbo. We work with a wide range of potato varieties and are always trying new ones in search of better flavour, quality, and yields. For the sake of crop rotation we also grow grains, sugar beets, and rape canola/oil seed. Additionally, we grow organic Jerusalem artichokes. Reducing our impact on the environment is important to us. It’s something we’re always working on and everyone who works with us is involved in our environmental work. All cultivation meets the standards for Integrated Production, IP, and is organic according to GLOBAL G.A.P and KRAV. You can read more about our certification here.

Packaging Plant

packeriet gränsbo

Yearly, we pack 15 thousand tonnes of organic, KRAV-marked, and IP-certified potatoes in our packaging plant. Additionally, we package organic Jerusalem artichokes. Our recipe for high-quality potatoes is simple: great potatoes, a modern packaging plant, and a thorough staff. We package our potatoes in a many different types of packaging, in both paper and plastic, and in a variety of sizes, all to meet the needs of our customers. Our packaging plant gives us enormous flexibility and the possibility to meet most every need. Our packaging plant is certified according to RIP, the guidelines for hygiene and quality control as outlined by the Swedish certification organisation SMAK. This certification gives us the right to classify our potatoes as SMAK class 1 and SMAK class 2. We are also certified to package KRAV-marked potatoes and vegetables. You can read more about our certification here.
In order to decrease our impact on the environment we recover the waste heat produced by our refrigerators and compressors. That heat is put to use in heating our production facilities and staff areas. In fact, our company doesn’t use fossil fuels for heating at all. During 2017 we did a thorough survey of our energy use to determine how we can better optimise our energy consumption in production, storage, and packaging.


produkter gränsbo

We package potatoes year-round, from new potatoes to winter potatoes, and in all types of packaging. Our assortment is based on firm cooking potatoes, mealy potatoes, and red potatoes. Our organic potatoes are available as both firm cooking and mealy varieties. In late spring and summer we even have organic new potatoes. We also have organic Jerusalem artichokes.
We have a very flexible packaging plant and are therefore often able to customise both size and packaging to meet our clients’ needs.
We package potatoes in everything from 250 g bags to 200 kg octabins and everything inbetween. Our plastic and paper consumer packages display our own well-planed and informative colour-coding profile, both to create an attractive product for in-store displays and to make it easier for consumers to find the right variety of potatoes. We even package the company brands for several merchants.
For certain products, such as baking potatoes and new potatoes, we do from time-to-time use potatoes from other select and certified farms.